Class Types

Kindi Jazz

Kindi Jazz classes are for three to five year olds who are keen to dance. No prior experience necessary – except perhaps with The Wiggles, Hi-5 or Angelina Ballerina! In these 45 minute classes, we start learning the basics of jazz dance, as well as more general attributes such as co-operation and confidence. Our Kindi Jazz classes are always the hit of the annual concert.

General Jazz Classes

At the Jazz Factory, we believe that everything stems from the fabulous genre that is Jazz Dance. With a technique-based focus, students will work on turns, kicks, jumps and leaps, each year adding to their large dance vocabulary. In Term 3, students will begin their work on a jazz routine to perform at the end of year concert. Our primary focus is creating strong jazz dance foundations, in a fun and safe environment.

Intermediate Level classes are restricted to dancers with strong jazz technique who have been learning jazz at The Jazz Factory for a minimum of 3 years.

Pre Senior and Senior Jazz classes – these classes are invite only and are for advanced Jazz Factory dancers who want to take their dancing more seriously. Students must be doing an additional technique based class per week in order to be considered for a senior class. Technique will be advanced and students are expected to be committed and hard working in every class. If the teacher feels that you are not working to the standard of a senior class, alternate classes will be suggested. Senior class students are not allowed to miss more than 2 classes per term, this is in order to keep up the standard of the class.

For their safety, all students MUST wear their jazz shoes and compulsory jazz factory uniform to ALL classes. Students will not be allowed to dance if they are in incorrect uniform.

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Boys class

Of course boys are welcome in all our classes but we now have two all boys jazz/funk classes they are real ‘boys clubs’. The class is designed to get more boys dancing in an environment where they feel comfortable and can have fun. We had a huge number of boys enrol in our hiphop classes, and we thought it would be great to give them an incentive to take on another class and perhaps invite along their friends who are a bit more hesitant about walking into a dance class! This class is open to boys in school years 1- 8.

Hip Hop

The hip hop style has become increasingly popular with both boys and girls, allowing free flowing and funky movement to all the latest music. Hip-hop dance is an African American style of dance that is commonly seen in music videos today such as Usher and movies such as ‘You Got Served’. Each class will work on developing the hip hop style as well as various hip hop routines throughout the year.

Junior Hip Hop: Level 1 - 3
Intermediate Hip Hop: Level 4 - 6
Pre-Senior Hiphop: Level 7 and Level 8
Senior Hiphop: Level 9 and above

Classical Foundations

The classical style of dance is a great way to improve your jazz technique and this class has been established for students who want to learn the foundations of this classical style, in a pilates-based class. In this class, students will learn fun ways to strengthen their legs and feet to get a fabulous point and powerful jumps, strengthen their core to maintain a beautiful posture, and build strong turnout muscles. While some choreographic elements of ballet will be learnt, this is not a traditional ballet class.

*** Classical Foundation class (or a ballet class at another studio) is compulsory for ALL Jazz Factory Exam students from 2012. Students must wear a leotard (iris or black) with leggings or footless tights in order to get the most out of this class. Ballet or Jazz shoes are optional, bare feet is fine.

Junior Classical: Level 3 to Level 6
Senior Classical: Level 7 and above


The Contemporary classes at the Jazz Factory are intended as a second weekly class to develop our students appreciation of different dance genres. We notice great improvement technically and artistically in the students who particpate in these classes.

Junior Contemporary: Level 3 to Level 5
Intermediate Contemporary: Level 6 to Level 8
Senior Contemporary: Upper level (Year 9) and above

Musical Theatre

Everybody loves musicals and this class aims to rejoice in the world of musicals and broadway! With a focus on broadway jazz style, but also a chance to dabble in singing and acting techniques, students will learn musical routines and styles each week, building up a HUGE musical theatre repetoire and great performance skills.

Junior Musical Theatre: Level 3 to Level 5
Intermediate Musical Theatre: Level 6 to Level 7

Senior Musical Theatre: Level 8 and above

ATOD Examination Classes

These classes prepare students for ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) examinations in jazz dance. In addition to furthering technique and broadening dance vocabulary, by doing the ATOD exams, students qualify to participate in workshops, State Competitions and State and Australasian Championships, all of which are run by the ATOD. Jazz Factory teachers select certain students, whom they feel would benefit from the examination experience, to participate in these classes. *** Classical Foundation class (or a ballet class) is compulsory for ALL Jazz Factory Exam students from 2012

Eisteddfod Classes and Coachings

There are certain times set aside in the timetable for coaching for students for preparation for things such as: solo eisteddfod dances, trio/quartet eisteddfod groups, extra exam preparation, teacher’s exam preparation and such. These classes are arranged with the Studio’s principal, as required.

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