Past Results

Results 2011

Northern Beaches

Zoe Janssen 1st place 10/u Jazz/Musical Comedy Solo
Abbie Mayhew Highly Commended 9/u Jazz/Musical Comedy Solo
Intermediate Trio 3rd place 12/u Jazz/Musical Comedy Duo/Trio

Extreme Eisteddfod

Abbie Mayhew Highly Commended 8/u Jazz/Musical Comedy Solo
Sophie Janssen 2nd Place 11/u Jazz/Musical Comedy Solo
Siobhan Lynch 1st Place 10/u Lyrical Solo
Lucy Rapee Highly Commended Hip Hop Solo - Open

Ryde Eisteddfod

Siobhan Lynch Highly Commended 10/u Lyrical
Pippy Clegg and Martha Dixon 2nd Place Jazz Duo
Troupe 1 - 8/u Highly Commended 10/u Jazz Troupes
Troupe 2 - 12/u 3rd Place 12/u Jazz Troupes
Hip Hop Crew 1st Place 13/u Hip Hop Troupes

Energy Express Eisteddfod

Lucy Rapee Highly Commended 14/u Hip Hop Solo
Emma Dixon, Millie Dixon and Sophie Janssen 1st Place 14/u Jazz/Musical Comedy Trio
Annaliese Hall 3rd Place 12/u Modern/Contemporary SOlo

The Hills Dance Spectacular Eisteddfod

Hip Hop Crew 1st Place 13/u Hip Hop Troupes
Troupe 2 12/u Commended 13/u Jazz Troupe
Annaliese Hall 2nd Place 11/u Modern/Contemporary SR
Siobhan Lynch 3rd Placed 11/u Modern/Contemporary SR
Jenna Schroder 3rd Place Jazz Solo
Jenna Schroder Highly Commended Modern/Contemporary SR
Martha Dixon Highly Commended Jazz Solo

Foottapper Spring Festival

Zoe Janssen 2nd Pace 10 Years Jazz Solo
Nina Tierney 2nd Place 11/u Jazz Solo
Sophie Parker Highly Commended Jazz Solo
Sophie Parker Highly Commended Contemporary Solo
Lucy Rapee Highly Commended Hip Hop Solo
Pippy CLegg and Martha Dixon 1st Place Jazz Duo
Amelia Dixon, Emma Dixon and Sophie Janssen Highly Commended Jazz Trio
Annaliese Hall Highly Commended Lyrical Solo Restricted
Hip Hop Crew 3rd Place 14/u Hip Hop Troupe

The Jazz Factory

Specialist Jazz Dance Centre

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Studio Address 1A Lindfield Ave, Lindfield, NSW 2070
Telephone 0412 100 537