The Mary-Jo Swanson Perpetual Trophy

This is the Jazz Factory’s most prestigious award. Chosen by our trophy day judge, it is announced each year at The Jazz Factory’s annual concert and is presented to the student who demonstrates outstanding ability and promise. The award is named after Hanne’s former neighbour and artistic inspiration Mary-Jo Swanson (1931-1993), who would be so proud of all the students and their achievements. Students who have won the award in the past two years are not eligible.

Past Winners

2014 Siobhan Lynch
2011 Pippy Clegg 2012 Sophie Parker 2013 Lyndsay Charlton
2010 Bindy Lanning 2009 Hannah Lazarus 2008 Emily Pratten
2007 Anna Crichton 2006 Sally Egan 2005 Elise Kiely
2004 Kristy Prass 2003 Anna Crichton 2002 Eloise Winestock
2001 Stephanie Hunter 2000 Kelly Webster 1999 Emee Dillon
1998 Eloise Winestock 1997 Soojee Watman 1996 Emee Dillon

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