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The Jazz Factory is the North Shore’s premier dance centre specialising in commercial dance. We run classes for children of all ages and all levels of dance training and experience.

Our aim is to foster a love of dance and provide quality dance training for students seeking fun and fitness as well as those dreaming of a career in dance!. Click here to contact us.

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Three new SUMMER SCHOOLS at The Jazz Factory - Mini and Junior Summer School 14-16th January and Senior Summer School 28th - 30th January. JFJuniorSummerSchool2015.pdf

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The Jazz Factory The Jazz Factory The Jazz Factory The Jazz Factory

The Jazz Factory

Specialist Jazz Dance Centre

Mailing Address PO Box 144, Lindfield NSW 2070
Studio Address 1A Lindfield Ave, Lindfield, NSW 2070
Telephone 0412 100 537
Email info@jazzfactory.com.au